Integrative Disaster Risk and Resilience

The world is already facing the impacts of climate change through increased severity of natural disasters and events. Through partnership of the Integrative Data Science Laboratory and the new Crisis Technologies Innovation Lab, we are using integrative data science to help agencies respond to these impacts with limited resources through risk, resilience and expenditure profiling. Through a two-year, $652,347 grant from the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA), we are developing an advanced toolset to help

  • Federal agencies make decisions about what kind of projects to fund and where to use funds, with respect to improving disaster recovery & resilience

  • Regional economists and local decision-makers optimize local investments relative to disaster risks and resiliency.

  • Researchers carry out advanced studies using linked disaster risk, resilience and expenditure data

We are extending this work to help build the Hoosier Resilience Index that will enable Indiana communities adapt to climate change.

Prototpe disaster resilience dashboard

Prototpe disaster resilience dashboard