Integrative emergency management and operations

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We are researching highly creative, low cost ways to transform and optimize the practice of emergency management and operations that bring together maker culture, data science, cybersecurity and human computer interaction. We are re-imagining situational awareness, emergency protocols and resource planning in a world awash with data and technology. Current projects include a nationally recognized collaboration with Bloomington Fire Department to explore innovative ways that data science, situational awareness and communications tools can be used to help realize a data-driven fire and emergency response capability (see news article about this here); and research into the "Emergency Operations Center of the future".

David teaches an undergraduate/graduate class in this area called Informatics in Disasters and Emergency Response and runs the AllHazards.Net website with the HACK-EM blog. He is also active in Social Media in Emergency Response and Digital Volunteerism communities, and was part of early experiments in virtual operations support (see for example this CNN article).